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White Collar Crimes

Many people are charged with so called white collar crimes for allegedly stealing money from their employer, whether that employer is a private company, small business, larger business, municipality (such as a school district, police department or Town or Village). People are also frequently prosecuted for failing to pay various kinds of taxes. These types of crimes tend to be very complicated, often involving accounting issues and allegations by the complainant which turn out to be unjustified.


Some of these types of cases are prosecuted in the state courts in Suffolk County, and others in the federal court located in Central Islip. The lawyers at Glynn, Mercep, Purcell and Morrison LLP have represented people charged with these types of crimes in both courts. Some people are accused of failing to pay sales tax, Workers’ Compensation premiums for their workers and other taxes or charges that are imposed by the government. We have also handled many of these types of cases, most often for small businesses in Suffolk County. Understanding the nature of the accusation, and having the ability to work with accountants to analyze what the client is being accused of, has helped us to obtain excellent results for most of our clients charged with white collar crimes.

If the white collar crime is being prosecuted in federal court (in other words, a federal crime is being alleged), the possibility of having to serve jail time is very high. Mr. Purcell has handled a variety of these types of federal matters and has been able to avoid jail time for some of his clients, and mitigate the sentences for others because of his experience and zealous representation.


If you have been charged with a white collar crime as outlined above, please call at Glynn, Mercep, Purcell and Morrison LLP for an initial consultation. We will evaluate the charges being brought by either the District Attorney of Suffolk County or the Federal prosecutors and give you an initial idea of how we think your case should be handled and what the likely outcome will be. We will negotiate a fee that is fair and reasonable under the circumstances. If you are charged with this kind of crime, it is very important to have an experienced lawyer who has handled these cases before in both state and federal court, and will zealously represent you.