Verdicts & Settlements


A. Craig Purcell obtained a $350,000.00 verdict from a Federal Jury at the Federal Courthouse for the Eastern District of New York in Suffolk County. Plaintiff was skiing in the early spring when conditions were both slushy and icy in various spots. She fell when skiing down the trail she was on, slid head first into a large exposed rock which was on the trail and then slid head first into a large tree trunk lying parallel to the trail. Plaintiff suffered facial and dental injuries resulting in a permanent Bells Palsy condition.


We settled a construction accident case during the trial in the Supreme Court of Suffolk County for $1,080,000.00 several years ago. The plaintiff, a 280 pound man, was working on a building for a sub-contractor on a scaffold, when it collapsed. Plaintiff fell to the ground feet first, breaking the heal of his foot, requiring surgery. A jury began to hear evidence when the defendants, the general contractor on the job and other subcontractors, combined to pay the plaintiff over one million dollars as compensation for his severe injury.


The firm obtained $150,000.00 jury verdict in October 2019 an auto accident case tried in the Supreme Court, Suffolk County. Plaintiff was stopped at a red light in the Village of Huntington in the middle of the day when another driver ran a red light and hit the plaintiff head on. The insurance company for the vehicle that ran the red light refused to offer anything at all to settle. As a result, an 8 day jury trial was held in River head where the jury rendered a $150,000.00 verdict in favor of the plaintiff for her injuries,


We obtained a $350,000.00 settlement, through mediation, on behalf of a middle aged woman who fell in a hole on the lawn of a home in St. James, Suffolk County that her adult son was renting. The plaintiff was visiting her young grand-daughter and her son. She fell on her way out of the premises because of a deep hole immediately adjacent to the home’s driveway. Plaintiff fell backward, hit the back of her head on the lawn and suffered severe injuries to her neck. Plaintiff’s injuries required surgery and a long recovery.