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Trends In Personal Injury Practice In 2022

Now that it has been more than two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began, and the courts were forced to practically close for in person appearances, the practice of personal injury accident law is beginning to return to normal. For most of the past two years, court appearances have been primarily held remotely by computer, and jury trials have been very rare. As a result, the trial calendars in Suffolk and Nassau Counties have gotten backed up. Consequently, the resolution of personal injury cases has been greatly delayed.


Has the progress of the trial and resolution of personal injury cases on Long Island advanced since the pandemic began to accelerate? Fortunately, the courts are opening up now and, in the future, most appearances are going to be in person. Everyone is required to wear a mask, including lawyers and jurors, and social distancing is being enforced. However, it is up to the individual judge presiding at proceedings in court to determine the exact measures that must be taken. Social distancing will be mandated for all courtrooms, but the necessity of wearing masks will be up to the individual judge presiding at personal injury trials.


In order to reduce the backlog of personal injury accident cases in New York State, a new system of mandatory pre-trial mediation conferences have been adopted. These conferences are still being held remotely by Zoom or Microsoft Teams in order to avoid overcrowding in the courts and to discourage the need for travel. However, all pre-trial conferences will be conducted in person at the courthouse. The actual trials of automobile and other accident cases are being held again in the Courts of Suffolk and Nassau Counties.


All experienced personal injury accident lawyers know that most accident cases settle on the eve of trial, so this is a significant step towards resolving these cases and reducing the backlog in the trial court calendars.


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