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Scaffolding Injuries

One of the most dangerous occupations in our community is in the construction industry involving the use of scaffolds or ladders.  When a worker is performing his or her tasks at an elevation of any height on a scaffold or ladder, there is obviously a great risk that they will fall and be injured.  And an injury resulting from such a fall is likely to be very serious or even catastrophic.

New York State has specific laws that protect workers employed in the construction industry.  For example, a worker who falls from a scaffold or ladder while working on a building has certain rights that help them obtain compensation for the injuries they sustain beyond any worker’s compensation benefits they are entitled to.  Normally, if a person is injured at work, whether the individual is employed, for example, by a school, supermarket, department store or a law or medical office, his or her only recourse is to make a claim under New York’s Worker’s Compensation Law.  Under that law, the injured employee’s recovery may be very limited. However, under the Labor Law of New York State, an injured employee often has the right to make a claim for all of the value of their injuries and resultant pain and suffering.  This is especially so if the injury is the result of a fall from a scaffold, ladder or rooftop.

If you are severely injured as a result of a construction related accident, you need the advice of a lawyer who is experienced in handling scaffold and ladder accident cases.  The attorneys at Glynn Mercep and Purcell have extensive experience bringing construction accident injury cases on Long Island and throughout the metropolitan New York City area.  We have successfully settled scaffold and ladder cases for millions of dollars on behalf of our clients, in addition to helping most clients navigate the complicated issues concerning insurance coverage and any claims against your recovery.

If you are injured as a result of a scaffold or ladder accident, you should call our law office to set up a consultation for which there will be no charge.