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Personal Injury Case Update

Members of the community and many of our clients have been inquiring about how the courts are dealing with personal injury cases caused by car accidents during the latest variant of Covid-19. Clients are concerned, of course about their health, but also about the progress of their pending personal injury cases. And people who have gotten into various types of accidents while the Omnicron variant was raging wonder if they should do anything different.


Before the Omnicron Variant of the Covid-19 virus became prevalent, the courts in Suffolk County and throughout the state were beginning to “open up” and conduct “in person” appearances for conferences and other matters. When these appearances become more commonplace and seemed to be conducted without seeming dangerous to the court personnel, litigants and lawyers, trials started to be held. First, the courts scheduled criminal trials in cases where defendants were incarcerated. Then serious felony cases began to be tried. In the fall, the courts started trying civil cases, as a backlog of personal injury accident trials had developed. The judges throughout the state were encouraged to reduce the backlog. It is well known that personal injury cases arising out of car accidents, slip and fall incidents and medical malpractice usually settle only when a trial is about to begin. Therefore, the need to schedule trials became essential.


Just as civil trials were beginning with little or no noticeable spread in Covid -19 cases, the Omnicron variant hit New York State and most of the country. By the end of 2021, several personal injury civil trials had been held in Suffolk County and many cases were settled, just as their trials were about to begin. However, as 2022 began, the Omnicron variant caused a pause in starting most jury personal injury cases. While a few car accident cases have proceeded to trial since Omnicron started to spread, the personal injury cases which involve several parties, such as multi-car accident matters, have been postponed.


It is expected that as this latest variant peaks and begins to ease, the Courts will schedule trials in all personal injury cases. Thus, if you have personal injury case pending, whether your injury was caused by a car accident, slip and fall or medical malpractice, your case should start moving again toward a resolution. Needless to say, if you become involved in an accident that causes a personal injury, the experienced lawyers at Glynn, Mercep, Purcell & Morrison are ready to speak to you about your accident and bring a case for you if you injury was caused by another person’s negligence.