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Existing Personal Injury Claims Since the Start of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Many clients of Glynn, Mercep & Purcell, who had pending personal injury cases resulting from automobile accidents before the pandemic, have called us inquiring about the status of their cases. Some were concerned that the physical closing of the courts would seriously delay the resolution of their personal injury cases. Others asked about the scheduling (or rescheduling) of depositions, physical examinations and court conferences. While some of these obligations did have to be delayed, much work has been done by us at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell on client’s cases. If fact, some of the time we previously expended driving to and from the courthouse for conferences has been used to conference cases with judges and court clerks by telephone or electronically. We have also had more time to obtain medical records and reports and forward them to insurance companies for their review. As a consequence, the attorneys at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell have been settling some cases and engaging in settlement negotiations on many others. While it is probable that there will be brief delay in conducting some depositions and medical examinations, the majority of cases are being actively worked on and are moving toward a resolution. We will continue to spend all of our time working virtually from our homes on our clients’ cases. But will be ready and indeed anxious to be able to return to court to advocate for our personal injury clients.