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Domestic Violence

Unfortunately, many people are charged with crimes involving their spouse, significant other, children or parents. These types of crimes are generally known as domestic violence crimes. They can range from allegations of harassment or assault against a spouse, significant other or other person. These domestic violence crimes are sometimes disputes between neighbors which are referred to the Special Domestic Violence Part of the courts. However, most often these cases arise out of matrimonial matters between spouses. Mr. Purcell has handled literally hundreds of these types of disputes in the criminal courts, often being referred the case by one of the lawyers who is handling the matrimonial matter. He has been defending these kinds of cases virtually his entire career, and has the experience and sensitivity to evaluate your case, investigate it and explain to you what your rights are and what you might expect.


In many of these cases people are accused of having done something that he or she did not do. The complainant, often a spouse, is frequently using the criminal court to gain an edge in his or her divorce. We have defended dozens and dozens of such cases where it turned out that no crime or offense had been committed, but that the complainant had brought charges against his or her spouse or significant other to gain an edge in their domestic dispute. These types of cases should be examined very closely, investigated and handled in a sensitive manner. We also often consult with the attorney representing our client in the matrimonial action to determine the background that led to the present accusation. This is very beneficial in helping defend the charges that were brought, or deciding whether the case should be taken to trial. We have often found that simply marking the case ready for trial forces the District Attorney’s Office to look into the matter in greater detail to see whether the crime or offense charged actually occurred, or occurred in the matter in which it is alleged.


If you are charged with a domestic violence crime, whether you are accused by a spouse, boy or girlfriend, significant other or neighbor, please call at Glynn, Mercep, Purcell and Morrison LLP for a free consultation to find out your rights and seek advice as the best way to defend yourself against these allegations.