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Construction Accidents

Working on construction sites can be very dangerous, especially when working at an elevation such as a roof. Whenever a worker has to use a ladder or scaffold to reach the area to be worked on, there is a inherent danger and possibility of a construction accident resulting in serious injury.

For example, if a worker falls from a ladder while working on a commercial building, and sometimes a residence, he or she may be able to make a claim for any injury they suffer. Under the Labor Law of the State of New York, in many cases the worker is absolutely entitled to compensation for the injuries suffered as a result of a construction accident. This is particularly the case where the injury does indeed result from a fall from a ladder or scaffold. Such a fall can obviously cause very serious injuries for which a claim can be made. The attorneys at Glynn, Mercep, Purcell and Morrison LLP have over 40 years of experience handling construction accidents. We have settled individual cases for over a million dollars involving falls from ladders, scaffolds and roofs. And if the property owner’s insurance company refuses to negotiate a fair settlement, we will take your construction accident case to trial in order to convince a jury of the effect your injuries have had on your life, and the value of your case.

We will help you navigate the complex issue of insurance coverage for the cost of your treatment and Workers’ Compensation entitlement. The many years of experience of our assistants, paralegals and lawyers will help you get your bills paid, find the best physicians for your injuries and help you understand the complexities of construction accident cases. And we will go to trial to get you as high a recovery as possible if the responsible insurance companies will not settle for a fair sum.

If you have been injured as a result of a work-related construction accident, please call for an appointment to discuss your case with us. There is no charge for the consultation and we do not receive a fee unless we take your case and obtain a fair recovery for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages and loss of the enjoyment of life.