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Every year, 24.8 million Americans seek medical attention from a physician for unintentional injuries, and an additional 97.9 million people visit the emergency room. While some of these events are unavoidably accidents, others are the consequence of carelessness or intentional behavior on the part of others. In these situations, the person who was harmed may be able to make a claim for payment.


Accident victims can pursue financial compensation through a personal injury claim for a range of losses, such as medical expenses, missed income, additional medical expenditures, property damage, psychological suffering, and more. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Suffolk County can help at every stage of the procedure, working to get their clients the most money possible.


Our goal at Glynn Mercep Purcell,LLP  is to assist those who have been injured in accidents in obtaining the maximum amount of compensation possible. With more than 150 years of combined experience, we have the knowledge and perception to work for the best result in your case. First consultations are always free of charge, and since we take cases on a contingency fee basis, you won’t have to pay unless we get you paid.

Do You Have a Claim for Personal Injury?

Personal injury proceedings, sometimes referred to as torts, in New York typically center on the notion of negligence, which denotes irresponsibility or inadequate caution. To be negligent is to fall short of the level of care that a reasonable person would provide in a similar circumstance. It may result from either acts performed or acts not performed (omissions).

In order to prevail in a personal injury lawsuit, you must demonstrate the other party’s negligence.Four components make up negligence:

Duty: The defendant, who was at fault, was obligated to treat you with care.

Breach: In some way, the defendant did not carry out that obligation.

Cause: Your injuries were either directly caused by this breach or they were a result of it.

Damages: You, the plaintiff, suffered losses or injury as a result.

Negligence can take many different shapes. For example, it is obviously negligent if a driver smashes your car from behind when you are stopped at a red light because they were texting. Similarly, a driver may be considered negligent if they speed and cause an accident.

In all kinds of accidents, our law office defends those who have been harmed by careless parties, including:

Types of accidents we handle include:

Car accidents

Uber and Lyft crashes

Dog bites

Slip and falls (premises liability)

Bicycle accidents

Motorcycle crashes

Pedestrian accidents


We have a great deal of experience helping people who have suffered from a variety of injuries, from mild to severe, such as bruises, broken bones, traumatic brain injury (TBI), paralysis, and regrettably, death. When an accident results in death, the surviving family members of the dead may file a wrongful death claim to recover damages for their losses.


There is a free initial consultation for every case. We will carefully listen to your story during this discussion and provide you with advice regarding your legal rights and possible solutions. If you want to work with our legal team, we’ll get to work right once creating the strongest possible damage claim.

Navigating the Personal Injury Claims Process

It’s normal to feel lost after an accident and unsure of where to get help. It’s possible that you’re experiencing severe mental and bodily pain. Financial strain may also worsen if you are unable to work and your medical costs keep getting worse.


A personal injury claim against the at-fault party may help to lessen this burden. You have this option to pursue damages for all of your losses. Even if money recovery won’t heal you completely, it can help you move on after an injury caused by an accident.


When you hire our law office, we will go to work on your case right away by thoroughly investigating it. This involves gathering accident reports, analyzing images and videos from the scene, speaking with witnesses, looking through medical data, and interviewing witnesses. To strengthen your case, we’ll also work with specialists and research personal injury laws in New York.


After gathering sufficient evidence, we will draft a demand letter to the insurance provider of the at-fault party. The main points of the case will be outlined, a case will be made for the insured’s legal liability, and damages will be requested. The insurance provider will often make a counteroffer in response to the demand letter.


A just settlement may be reached in two to three months, depending on the details of the case and whether the insurance company contests liability. Negotiations may take longer, though, if the matter is complicated. For example, the insurer might refuse to pay for all medical costs if they argue that a particular injury is the result of a pre-existing condition. An experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Suffolk County will use their knowledge of New York law to fight for full recompense.


It may occasionally be necessary to file a lawsuit in order to protect your legal rights. For personal injury cases, there is a three-year statute of limitations in New York. With a few exceptions, this generally means that if you don’t submit a claim within three years after the accident date, your claim will be lost.


A courtroom confrontation is not always guaranteed when legal action is taken. The majority of personal injury cases, in actuality, are settled out of court. Rather, it’s a way for both parties to continue their continuing discussions, share important details, and get one step closer to a mutually agreeable conclusion.


Should the insurance provider continue to refuse a just settlement, your lawyer will take the matter to trial. They will make arguments, provide evidence, and cross-examine witnesses in court. The jury will ultimately make the choice by returning a verdict.

Compensation for Personal Injury Claims in Suffolk County

Three basic types of damages are available in Suffolk County personal injury cases: punitive, noneconomic, and economic. Depending on the facts of your case, you can be eligible for two or more different forms of compensation in addition to these damages.


The purpose of economic damages is to make up for the financial losses suffered by accident victims. The following are some instances of economic damages:


Property damage

Lost wages

Reduced earning capacity

Medical bills

Future medical expenses


Economic damages may also apply if you have incurred, or anticipate incurring, expenditures associated with your injury, such as remodeling your home to make it more accessible.


On the other hand, noneconomic damages are meant to compensate for intangible losses. Even though it might be difficult to prove these damages, an experienced Long Island personal injury attorney will use their knowledge and work with experts to build a case for noneconomic damages. As examples, consider:


Pain and suffering



Loss of enjoyment of life

Emotional distress


Punitive damages are an option in rare circumstances where the defendant’s acts show deliberate or careless behavior. Punitive damages are rarely given, despite the fact that negligence is frequently at the heart of personal injury lawsuits. Punitive damages may be appropriate in certain situations, such as drunk driving incidents.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

A claims adjuster from an insurance company may get in touch with you after an accident. They might ask you to sign papers, ask you to provide a statement, or even provide settlement suggestions. Nonetheless, it’s always a bad idea to work with an adjuster or sign any paperwork without first speaking with a lawyer.


Insurance firms put profits ahead of all else, even when it comes to legitimate claims, which they frequently do by rejecting or undervaluing. Adjusters use a variety of dishonest strategies to weaken your rights and reduce the amount you are compensated for your claim.


A Long Island personal injury lawyer you hire will only take on cases when your interests—not the insurance company’s—are represented. Gaining the maximum amount of compensation for your injury is their main goal. They’ll make sure you don’t accept an offer that doesn’t fairly compensate you for your losses and protect your legal rights.


Studies show that those who are represented by an attorney generally get 40% more money than people who manage their own personal injury claims. The insurance company receives a powerful message when an injured party hires a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies are more likely to provide a reasonable settlement when you have an experienced and determined attorney on your side.


While it is possible to resolve a personal injury claim without legal counsel, engaging legal counsel is often the best course of action. Most personal injury cases are handled on a contingency fee basis, which means you won’t have to pay anything up front and will only have to pay if your attorney is able to get you compensation. By taking this method, you can avoid the financial risk associated with working with a personal injury law company and increase your chances of receiving a far larger settlement than if you handled the claim on your own.

How Long Does a Personal Injury Case Take in New York?

Your case will be settled in a variety of time frames. Your case may be settled in two to three months if it is simple and the insurance company doesn’t contest culpability. However, it could take a year or longer to get a settlement if your case is complicated and the insurance company disputes some of your claim.


After an accident, speedy settlements are possible, but they frequently don’t reflect the full worth of your claim. Our goal as Suffolk County personal injury attorneys is to get you the most money possible. Make an appointment for a free consultation with Glynn Mercep and Purcell, LLP as away to make sure your rights are safeguarded.

What Should You Do After an Accident?

Regardless of how serious you think your injuries are, getting medical attention should be your top priority after an accident. Seeking medical attention establishes a link between your injuries and the accident and guarantees that you obtain the right diagnosis and treatment.


Try to obtain information at the scene of the accident. Don’t apologize to the other party or provide an insurance adjuster a statement. Rather, get in touch with Glynn Mercep and Purcell, LLP right now to arrange a free consultation.

Can’t Afford a Lawyer. Can You Still Pursue a Claim?

In fact, contingency fee arrangements are commonly utilized in the management of personal injury cases. Instead of billing by the hour, your lawyer gets a portion of whatever money you end up with, whether it’s from a settlement or a jury verdict. With this strategy, anyone can hire a personal injury attorney, even if they don’t have the money to pay up front.


Our goal at Glynn Mercep and Purcell, LLP is to quickly settle matters for our clients in order to get them the most money possible. To schedule a free consultation with a member of our legal team, get in touch with us right now.

How Our Law Firm Can Help

After an accident, we are aware of the difficulties in managing paperwork and interacting with forceful insurance adjusters. Allow us to deal with the insurance company on your behalf, taking care of all correspondence and fighting for the highest possible payout for you.


Glynn Mercep and Purcell, LLP is dedicated to assisting Long Island accident victims in obtaining the compensation they are due for their injuries. Free initial consultations are provided, and there are never any fees unless we successfully get you money back. Contact our law office online or by phone at 631.751.5757 to arrange a consultation with a Suffolk County personal injury lawyer or to find out more information.