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Anthony W. Mercep

Problem-solving and solutions-based guidance for your real estate legal needs in Suffolk County

Attorney Mercep has built the firm’s real estate department on the highest service level and experience in the area. He knows that for many clients estate matters can involve not only moving but possibly job changes. As such, they can be overly stressful, and often emotional, experiences. At Glynn, Mercep, Purcell and Morrison LLP we have found that our higher service level and increased personal attention serve to greatly relieve the anxiety and stress associated with many real estate transactions.

Bringing ethical and reliable legal guidance to the negotiating table

For many clients, the purchase of a home is their largest and longest-lasting investment. Businesses also run risks in choosing which space to lease, or to whom they should lease property. Attorney Mercep understands that these transactions have huge implications for your personal or corporate finances. No transaction is routine. The firm’s real estate team assigns each transaction to the same degree of importance as the client does. They make sure that all of your real estate matters are handled with exceptional attention to detail.

Count on attorney Mercep for assistance with all of your real estate transactions

For help with your real estate matters, contact us at Glynn, Mercep, Purcell and Morrison LLP. Our firm is open weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and we also meet with many real estate clients outside of these hours. We have location in Stony Brook, New York. Please contact us at 631.751.5757 or online to schedule an appointment.

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