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Accident Cases In Covid-19 ERA

In spite of the uncertainty and sadness being suffered as a result of the pandemic, people are contacting the attorneys at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell almost daily to ask many questions. Among our existing clients, there is a great concern about how the resolution of their cases will affected. While the courts are closed, our attorneys and paralegals are continuing to work on existing matters, hopefully moving them toward resolution. In addition, judges are available to resolve disputes electronically in order to help cases get resolved. So while there are no trials being held, our cases are still moving forward and getting resolved.


We are also receiving inquiries concerning accidents that have happened since the Covid-19 “shut down” ordered by Governor Cuomo. Accidents will unfortunately continue to occur, whether it is an automobile collision, trip and fall as a result of a sidewalk or roadway defect or an injury occurred at a construction site. In any of these situations, the same process should be followed. The accident should be reported as quickly as possible to your insurance company, any homeowner’s insurance carrier that might be responsible, your employer’s insurance company and of course the police department.


The lawyers and staff at Glynn, Mercep & Purcell are available at all times to answer your questions even though we are working from home almost exclusively. Feel free to call or email us with your concerns and we will respond within 24 hours and usually far more quickly. Above all, please stay safe and remember that this difficult time will pass.